Medical Director Opportunity

About the job

Flightcare Global is looking for an additional Medical Director to assist us with the next phase of our expansion. This is a great opportunity to use your clinical and/or aviation medicine knowledge and experience. This role is part-time, and would suit a doctor looking for interesting additional work in an exciting area. The role is remote – we are actively looking on a global scale for the right person.


Clinical governance and oversight, assistance with health technology development, case management, case reviews and auditing, training of staff.



  1. Must be fully registered as a medical practitioner
  2. Emergency medicine/general medicine/primary care experience
  3. Able to work in a team
  4. Able to work remotely
  5. Able to travel as/if required
  6. Comfortable with IT


  1. Aviation medicine experience
  2. Formal qualifications in aviation medicine
  3. Fellowship of a relevant medical college
  4. Experience with telehealth

To find out more, arrange a confidential discussion, or to apply for this role, please contact us