Flightcare is our unique and proprietary technology platform, which provides our customers with decision support in the event of a medical event before or during a flight. It provides end-to-end connectivity between your flight operation and our aviation medicine expertise.

The flightcare system automates the collection of all relevant flight and position information, saving valuable time. This helps get you to an answer much faster.

Passenger demographic and symptom information is collected via a simple, easy to navigate interface on our flightcare app. Our unique and proprietary assessment engine algorithms have been designed to quickly extract from the crew important information about the unwell person. It also highlights “red flags” about the patient’s condition. The app’s inbuilt decision algorithms provide immediate recommendations for the crew to follow. Cases are then managed through the app using text chat or VOIP as required. Satcom and HF patch calls can also be supported. For complex and high acuity cases the case is passed to a clinician specifically trained in aviation medicine who will manage the case via our Command Centre.

Our flightcare Command Centre is fully operational on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, so that our customers can be assured of access to our service whenever they need it and wherever they are. Our system is currently able to handle 4,000 aircraft and is readily scalable for further expansion. The Command Centre can also display real-time flight positioning, global intelligence and security data, ground-based health provider information and the customer’s on-board medical equipment.

Our clinicians work from a single screen which gives a fully integrated overview of the medical incident within a full operational context. Furthermore, our robust incident management and escalation protocols ensure that cases are responded to within set Service Levels and with the appropriate level of medical and operational oversight.

Our front-end operational staff consist of medical case managers and experienced clinicians who are highly trained in aviation medicine and industry practice and have extensive mentoring from professionals with decades of commercial airline experience. They are supported by Regional Medical Directors based in the UK and APAC regions. This gives us the capability to offer an unparalleled global service.

To view a demonstration of our unique technology platform, and how it works in practice, please contact us