About Us.

Flightcare Global was founded to provide NEW and INNOVATIVE solutions to the aviation industry to support and assist medical events, pre-flight, in-flight and on the ground.

Our unique and proprietary technology platform intelligently connects your crew to medical professionals in the event of a medical concern in the air or on the ground.

Our Mission.

To provide intelligent and innovative solutions, powered by technology which allow the delivery of specialist medical support and assistance to the aviation industry, at every stage of travel.

Our Vision.

That as a result of technology, every traveller will benefit from quick and easy access to expert medical support and assistance, wherever they are in the world.

Board of

Sarah Magee

Co-founder, Director & Chief Commercial Officer

Sarah is passionate about the need for the improvement of medical support in the aviation sector, in both the availability and the delivery of medical services. Sarah has given presentations globally, to raise awareness and highlight the need for and benefit of medical support in both commercial and business aviation.

During her career, Sarah has held several Director/VP Sales and Marketing positions globally, including most recently Commercial Aviation Director for Philips RDT and has an extensive background in international sales and marketing, operations management, and business development

Andrew Beer

Non-Executive Director

 His current position is Managing Director of Aviation Finance for Standard Chartered Bank, leading their Asian finance, leasing, and advisory business. He has previously worked for AWAS which was then a top 5 aircraft leasing company and Intrepid Aviation, then a ‘start up’ in the aircraft leasing space. In addition, he spent time at GE Aviation where he held a commercial role in the engine and services business. His aviation career started in the Royal Australian Air Force, where he served as a fighter pilot. He has worked and lived across many different geographies including Singapore, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. As a non-executive director of Flightcare Global, Andy brings extensive finance and aviation industry knowledge and has personally invested in the company.

James Walker

Non-Executive Director

He has extensive experience across a wide range of international high growth businesses, including a deal tech, AI-based neobank, drone detection and countermeasures technology, sensor systems, mining technology services, automotive, aviation, biotechnology, hotel telemarketing and security sectors.

He has completed multiple M&A transactions, ASX IPO listings, follow-on share placements and other capital raisings for private companies as well as ASX and London (AIM) listed companies.

Dr. Simon May

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director

He has experience in assistance medicine with the International SOS Group.  For the last decade Simon has focused on aviation medicine and has held medical management roles at Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Qatar Airways. At Virgin Australia, he developed a medical department from scratch and at Qatar Airways introduced an aviation medicine department into the group. Simon is an expert in all areas of passenger and crew health and takes a risk-based approach to management of health issues in aviation.

Over his time in the industry Simon has managed medical support for full-service carriers, low-cost carriers, Business Jet operators and VVIP fleets both in Australasia and the Middle East.

Simon has specialist qualifications in Aviation and Occupational Medicine and is licensed to practice in Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. He is a regular speaker at international meetings in commercial aviation medicine and teaches postgraduate courses in aviation medicine.

Executive Team.

Jon O'Connell

Chief Executive Officer

In recent years, Jon has been involved as a founding principal of an aviation consultancy business and before this was the Dubai-based Chief Commercial Officer for DAE Capital. Before his move to Dubai, as the Managing Director, Asia Pacific Sales, for AWAS, he had been responsible for AWAS’ regional presence for nearly 15 years, having established the Singapore office in 2003.

Jon’s aviation career commenced with Ansett Airlines (Australia) in 1988 and from 1995 to 2001, he was with Airbus’ Commercial Department based in Toulouse & Sydney before joining AWAS.

Jon has a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.


Dr Mark Popplestone

Chief Medical Adviser

 In addition to extensive experience in the regulatory aspects of pilot fitness, he has always had a particular interest in the effective management of in-flight medical emergencies.

Jemma Austin, new Flightcare Global Medical Director.
Jemma Austin

Medical Director

She has an international outlook having served all over the world in everything from disaster relief operations to war zones; experiences that have given her a breadth of practical aeromedical experience providing support to a variety of aviation missions and aircrew personnel.

She formalised this academically with an MSc in Aerospace Medicine undertaken at King’s College, the award of the DAvMed in March 2020 and a Research Fellowship for the head of the Royal Air Force. 

Bronwyn Rodgers

Senior Operations Manager EMEA

Industry Memberships.