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NEW Solutions for medical support and assistance, uniquely driven by technology, exclusive to the Aviation Industry

Expert medical assistance and support by frontline clinicians can be accessed reliably and effectively at every stage of travel:

  • Pre-flight screening services, (including fit-to-fly/operate) assist in the assessment of a passenger or crew prior to travel
  • In-flight medical support and assistance provided by aviation medicine trained clinicians, through the Flightcare Global app or via Satellite Phone
  • Crewcare support provided globally, always by Clinicians to deliver instant, expert support for any medical situation

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Flightcare Global provides new and innovative solutions to the aviation industry to support and assist medical events, pre-flight, in-flight, and on the ground.

Our unique and proprietary technology platform intelligently connects crews to medical professionals in the event of a medical concern in the air or on the ground.

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Key Figures.

passengers carried in 2019
2.7 B
36.7 M
passengers to be carried
by 2036 (estimated)
1 B
medical incident / flights
1 / 490
medical incidents every day
flights will have a medical emergency
1 / 103
*These stats are relevant to commercial aviation (based on the study they were taken from).